Tips to Use Best Pool Cleaners to Maintain Your Swimming Pool

An above ground pool requires proper care to keep it neat and sparkling clean. You have to keep debris out of your pool and restrict the growth of algae on the floor and walls of your pool. A cloudy pool water is a clear sign that your pool needs instant cleaning. You can get the advantage of automatic and manual pool vacuums. With the use of best pool cleaners, it will be easy for you to keep your pool neat and clean. For a new person, cleaning can be difficult with vacuum cleaners. Carefully read the manual of vacuum cleaner before using it to understand its function.

Manual Pool Vacuum

Each pool vacuum should contain a hose, a pole, and a vacuum head. You have to hook up one long pole to the vacuum head. Pole will enable you to carefully move the vacuum around the base of your swimming pool to collect maximum debris. Now, you have to attach one end of the hose to a vacuum head. One end of a hose will contain one swivel head, and you have to attach a hose to this side. You can lower the vacuum head to the base of your pool with a hose. Keep one end of a hose in your one hand. Put the other side of a hose in front of the water aperture. It helps you to fill the hose with water entirely. Seeing bubbles can be a good signal.

As the water starts flowing in the hose without air bubbles, it may sink under the surface. You can now create suction. If you are unable to have suction, you still have some air in the hose. Connect your hose to a skimmer to mount to the side of the pool through a vacuum adapter plate. The vacuum is ready to clean your pool. You can pick large debris with the vacuum. After cleaning pools, you can disconnect the hose from your filter.

Automatic Pool Vacuum

You can get three basic types of automatic vacuums vary in function and prices. Here are a few options for you:

Robotic Vacuum

These vacuum cleaners are easy to clean your pool without manual efforts. These are great to do automatic jobs to pick up debris, such as large leaves and grains of sand. The vacuum can propel itself toward the bottom, steps of pool and sides to clean and scrub every corner. It is one of the most expensive vacuums, but offer you the maximum value of money.

Pressure-side Vacuum

These are good to collect large debris from pool water. This system can skim the surface and easily suck debris in different bags instead of filters. It focuses on large debris and can miss the dirt collected in the filter. The booster pumps are required because these cleaners need water pressure to operate efficiently. These are cheaper than the robotic pumps.

Suction-side Vacuum Cleaners

These are cheap vacuum cleaners and use existing filtration and pump system. The pump suction enables vacuums to move around your pool to collect debris. The weak pump and filtration system can decrease the efficiency of suction-side vacuum.

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