Earn a Computer Forensics Degree From UNT

The University of North Texas is a premier computer forensics school. The University has 14 colleges, an early admissions math and science academy, and is classified as one of the top research institutions in Texas, spending $78 million annually on research. The program is accredited by ABET and features an emphasis on problem-solving, creativity, and innovation. Students who earn a computer forensics degree from UNT can expect a competitive salary and a career in the field.

Career opportunities

Computer forensics professionals investigate digital information from the scene of cybercrimes. They collect and analyze data that has been compromised, recover deleted files, and identify and remove malware from computers and other devices. Their job duties include analyzing and documenting evidence, writing reports, and communicating technical concepts to non-technical audiences. Forensic computer analysts are typically trained in digital forensic software to scan and analyze computers, and they are familiar with data privacy laws and digital surveillance.

Requirements for a computer forensics degree

If you’re interested in pursuing a career in computer forensics, you must first decide what the desired educational level is. Most computer forensics programs require applicants to have a high school diploma or GED, and they need to be able to demonstrate college-level skills in a variety of fields. Some schools require applicants to submit SAT or ACT scores, while others offer placement tests for first-year undergraduate students. A bachelor’s degree in computer forensics does not typically require any specific academic prerequisites. The coursework builds upon fundamental computer science and technology skills.

Schools that offer degrees in the field

Online Bachelor’s programs in computer forensics require the same level of attention as traditional campus programs. Successful online learning requires self-motivation and time management skills. While some degree seekers miss the buzz of campus life, others thrive on the flexibility of … Continue reading >>>

Types of Computer Forensics

There are several types of computer forensics. The first of these is standard intrusion analysis, which looks at a wide range of data evidence sources. Cyber forensics extends this type of investigation to include inspection of various data evidence sources such as L2 cache, front and back side system caches, and transient elements. The most common cybercrime cases involve the use of text-capture software or reverse steganography.

Data recovery

When it comes to recovering deleted files, there are several different types of computer forensics. Data recovery uses techniques to locate files that have been deleted intentionally or accidentally. Unlike users who know what they’re looking for, computer forensics investigators try to unearth hidden data and files. They also search for standard data structures. If they cannot find the files, they can use a combination of the three methods below.


The Investigation of Computer Forensics entails investigating the electronic data of a device in order to establish the evidence of the crime. Computer forensics professionals use detailed processes to discover relevant information and develop a compelling case against a suspect. Forensics professionals use various computer tools to perform their work. This includes network security devices and firewalls. The data that these tools uncover may include browsing information and other metadata.

Reverse steganography

The detection of steganography software is important for forensic analysis. Many steganalysis programs work best if the examiner has clues about the steganography type. Detection programs like S-Tools direct attention to files containing BMP, JPEG, or GIF images. The use of reverse steganography software may not be as simple as it sounds. The forensics examiner may not be aware of the presence of these files.

Text-capture software

Text-capture computer forensics software is designed to search for specific terms and copy and paste the data into a new document. … Continue reading >>>

Computer Forensics Jobs

A bachelor’s degree is typically required for an entry-level position in computer forensics. It may be part of a broader field like criminal justice or computer science. Associate degrees are also required for some positions. If you already have some experience in computer forensics, you may qualify for an investigator role by having an associate’s degree combined with the necessary certifications. If you have the required education and certifications, you may be able to get a job with a higher salary and better working conditions.

Job description

The computer forensics job description for a digital forensics expert must cover the legal aspects of digital criminology and current laws surrounding computer crimes. Generally, a digital forensics investigator will work in a computer lab environment, where they will apply forensic software to affected hardware and collect sensitive data and evidence for court-related proceedings. In some cases, they may also investigate the location of data on a computer to link the activity to a specific person or organization. After recovering data, forensics investigators then compile reports that include the findings. As their job description suggests, computer forensics investigators are typically very technologically skilled and legal as well.

Among the duties of a computer forensics analyst are reviewing, testing, and analyzing an organization’s virtual infrastructure for vulnerabilities and inefficiencies. They work to prevent cyber attacks by developing and implementing systems security protocols to combat malware. During investigations, computer forensics analysts document the characteristics of malware attacks and prepare protocols for organizations to combat malicious software. They also investigate crime scenes to gather critical information. Ultimately, these professionals play an essential role in determining whether a crime is committed on a computer and if criminals are responsible.


A salary for computer forensics jobs varies widely depending on experience, location and industry. Some roles require … Continue reading >>>

Computer ForensicsComputer forensics professionals obtain, investigate, and report on the electronic evidence of criminal instances. As the Master of Science in Digital Forensics and Cyber Investigation curriculum does not assume that students have preceding understanding of cybersecurity or computer science, the degree is suitable and open to students from various disciplinary backgrounds. For the very same time span, the BLS projects 28% growth for network and personal computer method administrators and 22% for data safety analysts. Schools give distinctive variations of computer forensics degree applications such as digital forensics or personal computer security and forensics. You may well want to attempt applying to larger firms that provide education applications for junior employees.

For some master’s applications, basic coursework in pc science might be a prerequisite. Missouri Southern State University (MSSU) offers a unique bachelor of science (BS) in personal computer data science & criminal justice administration with an emphasis in computer forensics. Specific Agent: A Specific Agent computer forensics expert could function for a governmental agency, like the military, FBI, CIA, IRS or the Division of Homeland Safety and may be specialized at counterintelligence or counter-terrorism as it applies to the digital globe.

The International Council of E-Commerce Consultants (EC-Council)—accredited by the National Security Agency (NSA) and Division of Defense (DoD), among others—offers a quantity of certifications in the field including the laptop or computer hacking forensic investigator (CHFI) credential. These applications offer courses such as investigative tactics, pc ethics, white collar crime, mobile forensics, and laws of searching & seizing digital property. Naturally there is a lot of cross-more than of duties between each and every of these computer forensics job titles. ISFCE Education – The ISFCE has developed planet class training in the field of computer forensics.

A computer forensics investigator really should be prepared to not have a … Continue reading >>>

Computer ForensicsFrom corporate theft to murder, computers normally play a role in nefarious activity, requiring specialists with a mix of legal and technical knowledge to gather proof stored digitally. Ethical Hacker: Ethical hackers are employed by providers or organizations to search for vulnerabilities in the laptop network program in order to patch or repair them in order to safeguard the system against illegal hackers. The ISFCE administers the Certified Pc Examiner (CCE)® certification The CCE certification is out there internationally to each law enforcement and non-law enforcement forensic laptop examiners.

He states that in such circumstances, if you are beginning as a assist desk technician or network administrator, you could want to show your employer the need for your personal computer forensic job expertise and the benefits of generating such a position for you to fill. If you are interested in the a variety of computer forensics jobs that continue to develop in demand, get started by taking an information and facts safety, cybersecurity or a computer forensics degree. Initially awarded in 2003, this certification is the outcome of the ISFCE’s desire to enhance the level of professionalism and further the field and science of computer forensics.

One particular of the programmatic accreditation organizations is the Computer Sciences Accreditation Board (CSAB), the laptop science and technologies component of the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET). Be confident to check with potential employers, computer forensics colleges system coordinators, and experts in the field to hold abreast of the most desirable competencies and credentials. Admission specifications for most computer forensics applications is a high college diploma or GED.

Champlain University presents a 100 percent on-line bachelor’s of science (BS) degree in computer forensics & digital investigations. Regardless of the path, laptop forensic examiners must have expertise and expertise associated to digital storage … Continue reading >>>