Walking through the toothbrush aisle on a store can be pretty overwhelming. You start off by having a look at some of the most basic manual toothbrushes and then you come up to an array of variety of some really eye catching electric toothbrushes. There are a lot of new technology gadgets and gifts for tech lovers in the name of electric toothbrushes. They are more than just toothbrushes as they come along with apps that educate your child and have much more to them.

A smart home where Zigbee vs Z-wave hubs is at its peak. Electric toothbrushes is a must have, and even for kids. Electric toothbrushes have gained a lot of popularity and appreciation over the passage of time. It is wonderful how they are capable of bringing the best and most effective outcomes for children of different ages. However if your kid is an orthodontic patient and is undergoing treatment, you might be more confused than normal parents. With braces on, kids are unable to remove the remnants of food and plaque from their teeth in an effective manner. This contributes to problems like cavities and decay. It is best to consult your child’s dentist about which toothbrush will be best for him. But in the light of the advantages that these brushes are capable of offering, … Continue reading >>>

Why Women Don’t Go into Tech Fields

There are signs that things are getting better everywhere in terms of gender equality, and have been doing so for a long time. Yet many feel that things have slowed and that there are still plenty of barriers that prevent both men and women from achieving full equality. If you are one of those people… sorry. Equal opportunity is there for most men and woman in 1st world countries. However, one of the major areas of interest is that the world of tech still seems to be struggling to attract women. What everyone wants to know is; why? Are women naturally less inclined to be interested in tech or adept at the skills required? Or are they discouraged from aspiring to positions in tech, either from a young age or once they enter the workplace?

To look at some statistics, in 2017 only 20% of Google engineers were women, and the same is true across many other big tech companies. Fewer girls at school choose to study tech-focused subjects too. However, it’s interesting to note that the gender balance of girls and women in tech is different in different countries. In India and Malaysia, for example, the gender balance is much closer to being representative of the actual population. In fact, fewer women in the west engage in computer science now … Continue reading >>>

Methods For Increasing followers On Spotify

Spotify is a social networking website for the music enthusiasts, who are in search of a network to showcase their talent to the world. It is a great platform that brings together different musicians and music belonging to different genres; along with connecting new artists with the world of music. Any emerging artist or a newbie can make a profile on Spotify and present his talent to the world. Being a new musician on Spotify if you are wondering, how to grow your Spotify following? Then there are a few methods that can help you in doing this.

Methods For Increasing followers On Spotify

Tips for increasing the Spotify following

  • Sharing of exclusive content- In order to get an unusual response, you need to be innovative and think out of the box. When you are deciding on an idea for a playlist, then be sure that the same idea hasn’t be shared by anyone on Spotify before. Even if it is similar to some other playlist, it should make a niche for itself by being innovative in order to be noticed.
  • An attractive title- Titles are very important for gaining popularity, so choose your title wisely. The title should be such that it is able to attract the fans and is also able to depict the mood of your song. Don’t use generic titles that don’t
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