The Truth about Secret Surveillance and Reasons for Installing Them

The Truth about Secret Surveillance and Reasons for Installing Them

You have surely seen surveillance cameras in public places, and they’re scattered to monitor the situation. Though some of these devices may have been installed in hidden spots so you’re not aware of them. There are even houses installed with CCTVs and hidden cams for added protection.

Anyway, installing secret surveillance cameras can be taken positively for some that’s because capturing people would be faster. While other people are against it since this will push the bad guys away. Well, they have a point because the villains will just need to behave when passing by the CCTVs.

However, when secret surveillance cameras are also installed in public spaces, you won’t know when you’re being captured. That’s because they’re hidden so will you still find the so-called blind spots only to do bad things? Well, you can never guess where these devices are located, thus, let’s find out more about these tiny recorders.

Public Surveillance

An authorized person or organization is allowed to use spy cams for specific purposes. It has to be legal, which means that they have a permit for this task. Why does it have to be done secretly?

They’re trying to obtain information about a particular individual, place, or event without others noticing it. For example, if they’re monitoring the movement of a convict, then he will avoid the CCTVs. In this case, you can’t catch him, that’s why it’s better to do this quietly so people will be comfortable as well.

Anyway, the authorities usually carry such orders from their superiors. If they will use your property for such operations, then they need to ask for your consent. But if someone at home installed one without your permission, maybe there’s a reason, though recording it illegally can’t be used in trial courts.

Is a secret surveillance camera harmful to the public?

We’re all aware of how sophisticated and advanced technologies are nowadays. Now, these devices are certainly designed to enhance security in our communities – visit for more information. However, some people think that some of these aren’t safe when they’re installed secretly.

If we talk about this issue, then this debate won’t end. I guess some people still don’t understand that it can’t harm us since they were mounted there for monitoring. These devices are eyes, and someone is watching us to guarantee our safety.

Let’s say that there are blind spots that could be an entrance to a public washroom. Of course, you deserve privacy when using these areas, thus, you won’t be watched there. Even if these cameras are hidden, they’re not supposed to be inside those restrooms because that’s against the law.

Is a secret surveillance camera harmful to the public?

Privacy Issues

The public fears that some people will be using these devices to invade their privacy. Since it’s high-tech, someone could be watching and following you which is indeed alarming. These are tiny; thus, you won’t notice that some individuals may have a motive for filming others.

On the other hand, it’s also right to install one at home for added protection. Since you’re aware of where this was hidden, then you’re aware of the blind spots. Therefore, you can still maintain your privacy and guarantee security when leaving the house – read more on its uses.

Effects on Social Life

In some countries, young adults are not always allowed to go out during the night. Thus, they can’t fully enjoy their nightlife and hang out with friends because of poor security. There aren’t enough surveillance cameras in the community so we’re fortunate if you can see them around.

On the other hand, some younger generations feel like they’re always being watched. This is why these teens can’t do whatever they want outdoors so they’ll hang out at a friend’s house. They’re aware that there are no spy cams installed, thus, these young adults could be at risk since the place is less protected.


Since these devices help catch criminals, then the crime rate in those areas will drop. Does this mean that the other bad guys will leave or hide themselves from the authorities? I guess they’ll lie low since they can be caught on the surveillance cams.

However, in regions where the percentage of crimes is very high won’t be abandoned. More cams will be hidden there to catch the villains. However, we can’t also blame the authorities if they’re suspicious of everyone who looks like a criminal.

Well, they’re aware that convicts are good at disguising. Predictive policing may be practiced but it’s not their intention to discriminate against people.

Personal Purposes

A lot of individuals purchase these devices since they’re available in different shops. It would be great if they’d use this for security purposes, especially when living alone.

However, this should be used with bad intentions. Again, obtaining videos without consent is illegal. Thus, we shouldn’t abuse its function.

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