Best Smokers: Understand the Types and Benefits of Smokers

Smokers are right to add unique flavors to your food items. The wood in a smoker creates smoke and add delicious flavors to your food items. Smoked food is flavorful and healthy for everyone. The smoked fish, salmons, grilled meat and barbecue beef, are famous all over the world. To facilitate the lovers of smoked food, different types of smokers are available in the market. The smokers are becoming a household name because different smokers are available in the market at affordable prices for commercial and household uses. It can be confusing to choose a smoker the market has many smokers that vary in size, style, fuel, and shape. You can consider features and fuel type of the smoker.

The smokers are divided into three categories as per their fuel, such as electric smokers, gas or propane smokers, and charcoal smokers.

Charcoal Smoker

It is a simple and old smoker to smoke your food traditionally. It requires charcoal chips as fuel to ignite and fed into the combustion chamber. The charcoal heat burns and smokes the wooden chips that are placed above it. Food is hanged or kept in a tray over wooden chips to smoke. The smoke of wood and charcoal slowly heat and cook the food. The charcoal smokers require constant monitoring to keep the woods and charcoal burning and maintain the temperature of a furnace to the desired level. Typically, salmon and fish need low temperature, and the beef, meats, and chicken need cooking for a longer time at high temperature.

Propane Smokers

These smokers are also known as gas smokers, and these use propane as fuel. They may vary a little than the charcoal smokers. The gas (propane) is ignited in an ignition chamber and burn gas to ignite wooden chips. The smoke of the wood grill, barbecue or smoke in a smoking chamber. It is easy to control the temperature of your smoking chamber. It is easy to control the temperature of the smoking chamber in the smoker by controlling the burning rate of propane in a combustion chamber. Some smokers come with particular modifications, such as extra chamber to keep water for steam to the smoke from the wooden chips. You can add special flavors in smoking chamber.

Electric Smokers

The electric smokers are widely used because of convenience and ease. The best electric smokers are more versatile and easy to use. The electricity is used as a fuel to ignite woods to smoke your food. They come with built-in rheostats or thermostats to monitor the inside temperature. The electrocuted electric coil stops the electricity flow to a coil and switches it on again as the temperature decrease in the chamber.

It constantly maintains a particular temperature in a smoking chamber. You can adjust the temperature of electric smoker between tens and hundred degrees Celsius. It enables you to smoke all kinds of food by controlling temperatures, such as grill salmon or barbecue chicken as per your needs. Various models of electric smokers are available, such as vertical water and upright drum smokers.

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