Local Area NetworksAll departmental LANs are connected to the campus Gigabit Ethernet backbone as subnets of CTNET and as a result have access to all the facilities in the central host computer systems. LANs can be defined as the interconnection of computers and peripherals within a restricted geographical region, and they can be distinguished, primarily based on their topology and the communication media employed to interconnect the equipment. There are so several distinct forms of personal computer networks in existence, it can be tough to comprehend the variations involving them, especially the ones with very equivalent-sounding names. The connection of two or a lot more LANs more than any distance is referred to as a wide area network (WAN).

1 of the benefits of networks like PAN and LAN is that they can be kept entirely private by restricting some communications to the connections inside the network. This localized manage gives greater flexibility in LANs than other forms of networks. Please note that this site is privately owned and is in no way connected to any Federal agency or ERIC unit. In a wireless neighborhood region network , customers might move unrestricted in the coverage location.

Note: The interconnection of numerous building LANs is generally achieved by Wide Location Networking (WAN) by way of radio transmission or by way of leased information lines … Continue reading >>>