10 Things That Every Family Kitchen Should Have

Child helping in the kitchenThe kitchen is considered to be the heart of every home. This is not only where food is prepared, but also where the family can sit and have a chat in the evening, as well as the perfect spot for the kids to do their homework. The popularity of open plan kitchens makes this room the most preferred and lived-in of the entire house. That said, you need to make your kitchen as family friendly as possible. Outlined below are the top ten things your kitchen needs to be considered family-friendly.

A Durable Worktop

A worktop is one of the critical requirements in every kitchen. You need a worktop that is not only attractive but strong enough as well. With plenty of cost-effective yet durable worktop solutions to choose from, you should be able to find the best laminate for the family. Other solutions, you can choose from are, glass worktops by Glass Inspirations, durable granite, natural wood, Encore, and Corian laminates for the perfect uniform finish. If you’re after for a minimalistic look and feel, you can then go for worktops that can be integrated with the sink.

Easy to Clean Walls – Wipe Clean

Kitchen walls take a lot of beating, and especially around food preparation areas. Sticky fingers, food splatters, and mist from boiling pots all cause the kitchen to have an unsightly dirty look and feel. Due to this reason, most people choose to have wall tiles installed around the food preparation areas, as well as an endurance paint capable of resisting stains and grease. Among other benefits, kitchen walls painted with endurance paint and with kitchen tiles installed are much easier to clean and maintain. Most of the stains can be wiped off easily without causing damage to the wall or the tiles.


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