Metropolitan Area NetworksA metropolitan region network (MAN) is related to a nearby location network (LAN) but spans an whole city or campus. MANs can bridge Nearby Location Networks without the need of any cables by working with microwave, radio wireless communication or infra-red laser which transmits data wirelessly. A college or university that operates from different web pages would use a Metropolitan Area Network to enable students to share the same mastering platform. A neighborhood authority may well use a Metropolitan Region Network to link libraries so that guests can search a catalogue and order books that are held in a further library.

However, these networks are largely nevertheless concentrated in and near major metropolitan locations. Same applies to logical topology as well, which enriches the list of mixture components necessary to style MANs. LAN networks can be implemented in many approaches, for instance twisted pair cables and a wireless Wi-Fi with the IEEE 802.11 regular can be utilised for this purpose. Ā e use of multimedia applications more than IP with top quality-of-service (QoS) help is now a reality in corporate networks and is quickly expanding to the wireless networks.

MANs deliver Internet connectivity for LANs in a metropolitan area, and connect them to wider location networks like the World wide web. 1 of the positive aspects of networks like PAN and … Continue reading >>>