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Industrial ComputerA Market Leader in the Supply of Industrial Computer systems, Embedded Computer systems, Servers, Panel PCs, Networking, I/ Options, Displays & Single Board Computer systems. Multi-touch Panel PCs : The Panel PCs with market-standard multi-touch displays are appropriate for manage cabinet (CP2xxx) or mounting arm installation (CP3xxx). These industries advantage from our rugged industrial computers since of their exceptional style, unparalleled quality, longevity and higher functionality technologies.

We manufacture computer systems that can be installed any place you operate so you can keep connected to your Iot or operational systems at all times. We offer you high efficiency and high quality industrial computers such as industrial rackmount computers, lunchbox style transportable computers, low profile embedded computers, touch screen panel PCs, and rackmount LCD keyboard drawers. Ventrix-W : Rackmount industrial workstations primarily based on PICMG compliant SBC and backplane architecture.

The Relio R2 is a fanless, strong-state industrial computer for applications requiring tiny footprint, versatile I/ expansion and wide operating temperature range. TCS Industrial Pc solutions are built to your specifications and configured with the choices you demand. Single-touch Control Panels : The Control Panels applied as human-machine interfaces in conjunction with the higher-performance Industrial PCs round off a system with their sophisticated design and style. Our industrial pcs and industrial rackmount computers incorporate the latest industrial grade components such as lengthy-life SBC’s (Single Board Computers) and backplane combinations to give the ultimate expansion capabilities.

Medical certifications, IP and NEMA ratings, Windows, Linux, and ARM based operating systems are some of the kinds of selections paired with our industrial grade components and enclosures. Operating from strong-state disk, the R2 is great for industrial and commercial embedded applications. SolutionsPT comprehend the style and ongoing support needs of industrial computers. Harsh environments and 24/7 operation are by no means problematic for your Amplicon industrial computer.

Industrial Motherboards : Beckhoff has expanded the Industrial Motherboards” line of organization into an independent product segment. As demands for high overall performance, extended-life and expandability raise, along with the need for a modified enclosure to satisfy any environmental needs, finding an industrial computer that meets your needs can be challenging. Single-board computer systems and backplanes are employed mainly in Industrial Computer systems. Hugely reliable, lengthy-life components are utilized for assumed computer system operation about the clock, and the hardware is developed with derating taken into account.

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