Features to Look For in an Industrial PC Touchscreen

Features to Look For in an Industrial PC Touchscreen

If you need an industrial PC for your industrial facility, you should consider purchasing an industrial PC touchscreen. These panels come with industrial grade components and fanless cooling systems to withstand extreme work environments. These touchscreen PCs have an IP65 waterproof rating and NEMA 4X protection rating, allowing them to be used in a variety of harsh environments. Below are some features to look for in an industrial PC touchscreen. To learn more, read on!

Advantech UTC series

The Advantech UTC series industrial PC touchscreen provides all-in-one computing solution for business needs. These touchscreen computers are highly customizable and have a wide range of functions. They can be used for self-service, interactive information boards, eMenu terminals, advertising, meeting room management, and customer feedback. The Advantech UTC series industrial PC touchscreen is certified for use in medical facilities.

Teguar 3500 series

The TP-4010-12 industrial panel PC is a rugged, IP66 rated machine. It is equipped with a Bay Trail Celeron J1900 quad-core processor and up to 8GB of RAM. It also supports a panel or VESA mount. Its IP66 rating ensures it won’t be damaged by liquid spills or dust. It is available in different colors, including black.


If you’re looking for a rugged, dust and splash-resistant enclosure for your desktop or tower PC, you’ll be delighted to learn that the Armagard 750 series is a great choice. This rugged, powder- coated steel enclosure features a 17-inch five-wire resistive touchscreen that’s fully protected against liquid splashes, physical impact, and theft. Moreover, the Armagard 750 series is designed to meet or exceed international NEMA and European IP standards.

Miura ER-220USC

The Miura ER-220USC industrial computer, also known as SteamNet, is a monitoring and communication device that is used in industrial settings. The industrial PC and touchscreen display allow for real-time monitoring and reporting, and the computer’s integrated Modbus TCP can be used for communication with other devices. If you need to communicate with a remote location, the Miura ER-220USC provides Ethernet connectivity for easy installation and setup.

ECDIS Marine Panel PCs

Winmate(r) ECDIS Marine Panel PCs are fully compliant with EU legislation and harmonized standards, including the Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive (ECD). These devices are designed to provide the appropriate information according to the needs of each user, including an easy-to-use Quick Start Guide. Unlike traditional panel PCs, ECDIS Marine Panel PCs use a touchscreen interface.


AIS offers rugged, touchscreen-based Industrial PCs that support IoT, Open Platform Communications, and Representational State Transfer protocols. Its products include Industrial PCs and HMIs with front panel rugged touch screen IPCs. AIS also offers compact HMI series for OEM machinery, as well as single-touch, multi-touch, and large-screen HMIs. Each model is designed for specific industrial applications.

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