How To Effectively Use Web Design With SEO

How To Effectively Use Web Design With SEO

How To Effectively Use Web Design With SEOBuilding a professional website takes a lot more than nice images and pretty graphics. One of the main things to understand about design choices with your website is they can have a major impact upon your websites SEO.

Proper Web Design

A website that is driven by proper SEO is the perfect digital marketing strategy as it is going to drive a serious amount of traffic to your business and boost your overall income.

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This article is designed to help you effortlessly incorporate SEO into your overall web design.

Integrated Social Media Into Your Website

Your customers are not the only want to enjoy social media, search engine places a great deal of value on social media platforms. This is why it is essential to integrate social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter into the design of your website in an effort to improve your overall search engine rankings. In addition, this is going to improve your overall online presence by allowing you to be found much easier in social media.

Optimizing Images For SEO

Mostly everyone will optimize the text on their webpages but forget about the images. When your uploaded images to your website you want to ensure that they are not too large, typically you want your images to have a resolution of 72 dpi and not be over 100 KB size. In addition, you want to ensure that image attributes have been added with a proper keywords in the alt text section. Search engines do read this information and it helps them rank images. When you upload images that comply with the specific criteria it is going to help your rankings significantly.

Adding New Content

It is so very important to create new content for your webpages to ensure that your website is relevant and engaging for not only search engines but visitors as well when dealing with SEO, websites that have updated content typically rank higher than those that have older content. In addition, new content tends to get crawled quickly by search engines help in it to rank as well.

Stay Away From Flash

Flash elements have the ability to distract the visitors on your website as well is affecting your websites ranking. If you’re unsure how to make flash objects accessible to the search engines, try to avoid using them at all. Typically, these types of elements can make it difficult for search engines to crawl your website and ruin any potential rankings.

Adding Specific Keywords

Many webmasters only consider adding keywords to specific content and blog posts. While this is important, it is important to understand the keywords can be added in footer links, website slogans, URLs and tags.

It is important to use relevant keywords within your title and header tags in an effort to improve your on page SEO. In addition, you’ll want to use your main keywords within the meta-description to help increase the number of clicks and your search engine rankings.

In an effort to find the most relevant keywords for your website, you may want to use any number of search engine optimization tools available on the market. Many of these tools offer a premium price but you can try them on a trial basis to find out which one you prefer.

Responsive Web Design

It would be an understatement to say that we live in a world where technology dominates every aspect of our life. The same is true in the world of web design. It is important to understand that the vast number of users who are surfing the web are using a mobile device. This simply means that it is absolutely essential that your web design is mobile friendly. There are several tools on the market such as Google Analytics and Similar Web that have the ability to test if your site is mobile friendly.

Other than having a design that is mobile friendly, you want to ensure that navigation is easy. In addition, search engines have now placed much more importance upon site speed in their ranking algorithms. Recent studies have shown that search engines will penalize a website that has a long loading time.

Making URLs Search Friendly

The structure of a website’s URL can have a serious effect on the sites SEO. It is important that you create a URL that is going to appeal to both search engine bots and visitors by using the following standard practices.

You will want your sites URL to be as short as possible. In addition, try to choose a URL that will describe the overall content of the page. Typically, you’ll want to try and use the main keyword as a part of the URL to help improve readability and rank ability.

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