Computer HistoryHewlett-Packard (HP), a technology corporation began in 1939, created its first laptop or computer in 1966. Even so, if you are not into computer systems or history, I am certain this spot will not impress you at all, but if you are a personal computer nerd – this location is Nirvana. A glossary of terms made use of in the MIT Multics literature , generally beneficial for old pc stuff (1965-1975). I love technology and mastering about history, but for a museum about computer history it was kind of boring! Computing in The Netherlands is shown in a military museum and at the Personal computer Museum at the Vrije Universiteit which shows, amongst other, paper tape and analog computer systems. If you use a certain curriculm, check to see if that enterprise presents a timeline package.

So the timeline can integrate your research in art, music, literature, and science, with your history studies. The Computer History Museum is located in Mountain View, California, aspect of the popular Silicon Valley. Gordon gave an informal talk on constructing computer museums” for supporters of the Monash Museum of Computing History (MMoCH). Irene worked in the production of Atlas” which was the biggest computer system created by Ferranti. GamePlayer has written up the total history of Microsoft, spanning from the birth of Bill Gates in … Continue reading >>>