Stag Ideas For You To Consider

Stag Ideas For You To Consider

Stag Ideas For You To ConsiderBear Grylls Adventure experience has stated that there are four primary skills that must be learned to be comfortable when you are placed in what could be uncomfortable situations. Your ability to solve escape rooms, solve mazes, you archery, and overcome physical obstacles are the skills that you will need. If you are able to participate with the adventures set up by the Bear Grylls Adventure centre, located in Birmingham, you will experience all of these at the Basecamp section.

However, that’s not all that you will be required to do. There are four more headline activities once you have completed the Basecamp section including: tackling a zip line via a model helicopter with high ropes, indoor skydiving, mimicking real world ascents, and snorkelling or scuba diving in a tropical tank of water. The all in pass will give you the ability to do all of these if you want to.

Big Game Fishing In The Algarve

Many people will assume that sunburned Brits are all that you will experience at Portugal’s Algarve, yet once you are out on the open seas, specifically near Albufeira, you will have the opportunity of reeling in extremely large fish. There are three types of sharks including hammerhead, mako and blue sharks, plus you will see an occasional tunafish or swordfish in the water as well. Once you have reeled one in, this is a catch and release operation, but you can take a picture that will be your proof of your accomplishment before you head back to solid ground.

Or maybe you fancy spending your stag do in the Mediterranean, but fishing in Portugal isn’t really your scene? You could always head to neighbouring Spain and try out one of their infamous Benidorm booze cruises!

Golfing On The Emerald Isle

If you are a fan of playing golf, you know that there are few things as exciting as being on a green golf course with your mates -, and when you are in Ireland, there are a multitude of different golf courses waiting for you. If all of the people with you do play the game of golf, which is expected, it’s perfect for any stag, one that is not so gruelling as to prevent you from going out late at night with your friends to destinations where there will be joshing and good-natured rivalry.

However, you might have a very genteel group, maybe a guy named Wazzo that would prefer sinking pints for hours instead, and if so, make sure he doesn’t come near the links. If you had a map of Ireland, and you were to drop a proverbial pin on that map, you would end up finding one of the exceptional locations, preferably near Cork or Dublin, where you can play golf and also enjoy the city.

Where You Can Climb A Wall Of Ice

If you are a fan of Game of Thrones, this is going to be similar. However, the size of the wall is only 12 m high by comparison to the fictional 200 m tall wall that is targeted by White Walkers and protected by the Night’s Watch. Despite how thrilling it could be climbing the ice, the Icecap factor in the Scottish Highlands is not as exciting as the aerial assault course that you must also complete. This includes vine swings, tight rope walks, and obstacles along this 250 m long course where you will have commando nets as you walk 10 m above the ground.

Castaway In Cornwall

Newquay is a Cornish town that has one of the best stag destinations in the UK, mostly because of the nightlife and the many different activities that you can participate in. Most people can piss-up in a pub, but once you try the Cornwall Castaway mini-adventure that is part of the Newquay Activity Centre, you will start to see how much fun you can have.

They will position you, as a shipwrecked individual, one that will make your way to the coast which will be extremely rocky, followed by jumping off cliffs into pools of water. You will make your way to Dead Man’s Cove where you will get to practice your best survival skills, foraging for everything that you will eat. Your journey back to civilisation on a super stand up paddle board will also be a unique experience. Although they will probably not allocate any time to create a friend with the volleyball, you might have to bring one if you truly want to be a Castaway. All together now…

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