Stag Ideas For You To Consider

Stag Ideas For You To ConsiderBear Grylls Adventure experience has stated that there are four primary skills that must be learned to be comfortable when you are placed in what could be uncomfortable situations. Your ability to solve escape rooms, solve mazes, you archery, and overcome physical obstacles are the skills that you will need. If you are able to participate with the adventures set up by the Bear Grylls Adventure centre, located in Birmingham, you will experience all of these at the Basecamp section.

However, that’s not all that you will be required to do. There are four more headline activities once you have completed the Basecamp section including: tackling a zip line via a model helicopter with high ropes, indoor skydiving, mimicking real world ascents, and snorkelling or scuba diving in a tropical tank of water. The all in pass will give you the ability to do all of these if you want to.

Big Game Fishing In The Algarve

Many people will assume that sunburned Brits are all that you will experience at Portugal’s Algarve, yet once you are out on the open seas, specifically near Albufeira, you will have the opportunity of reeling in extremely large fish. There are three types of sharks including hammerhead, mako and blue sharks, plus you will see an occasional tunafish or swordfish in the water as well. Once you have reeled one in, this is a catch and release operation, but you can take a picture that will be your proof of your accomplishment before you head back to solid ground.

Or maybe you fancy spending your stag do in the Mediterranean, but fishing in Portugal isn’t really your scene? You could always head to neighbouring Spain and try out one of their infamous Benidorm booze cruises!

Golfing On The Emerald Isle

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