Home Area NetworksThis book describes the various technologies involved in the implementation of a HAN: high-speed Web connections, indoor implementations, services, application, and management packages. The system architecture of the network is shown in Figure 7 A achievable implementation of this system uses a ZigBee network for realizing the HAN. The numerical results show that WiFi Direct strategy not only improves the energy saving in the HAN for Clever Grid, but also enhances the reliability of HAN communications for Wise Grid. The evolution towards the Smart Grid begins with innovations in the existing grid by incorporating new ICT technologies in numerous point of the infrastructure.

The network proposed is derived from the knowledge gained in Sensible Grid projects proposal in Italy such as the Energy@Home project 40 , carried out by industrial partners such as Electrolux, Enel, Indesit and Telecom Italia, and the SEAS proposal, by Italian academic partners. In addition to these standards, in literature there are some options and models proposed for implementing safety in Smart Grid.

By way of this display the user can manage the energy settings of the devices connected to the HAN network and can verify the energy consumption records. A relative newcomer to the LinkedIn executive forum on smart grid posed a question a month ago and the ensuing discussion, which lasted all month, was so illuminating I thought I’d share a few highlights.

All these HAN devices are working with a preceding version of Sensible Energy Profile, recognized as 1. (or 1.1, or 1.x, depending on the most recent update), which is particular to ZigBee. Thinking of the power saving possible of the emerging WiFi Direct strategy, we evaluate the efficiency of WiFi Direct technique in Home Area Networks (HANs) for Wise Grid communication from two aspects: power consumption and downlink outage overall performance.

The household gateway is the interface amongst the HAN and the WAN network (online in this architecture). Reporter covering the green technology space, with a unique concentrate on wise grid, demand response, energy storage, renewable power and technologies to integrate distributed, intermittent green power into the grid. An energy household region network, a key element of Sensible Grid, is presented, dealing with its security and privacy aspects and displaying some solutions to realize a wireless network, primarily based on ZigBee.

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