Just How Exactly Does Social Media Impact How We Shop?

Just How Exactly Does Social Media Impact How We Shop?

From Facebook and Instagram to Twitter and more, the social media world has gone from just a way to talk to friends and family to full-blown research tools. Whether you’d like to see updates about your favourite businesses, see new trends, or learn what other consumers think about products, social media is where to do it all! And research now shows that some of the best social media campaigns revolve around video campaigns, such as those created by NRG Digital.

Just How Exactly Does Social Media Impact How We Shop?

Online Shopping Comes First

Online shopping is now the king of the hill. There’s nothing that can compete with lounging around and buying something you want or need with just one click before it shows up the very next day. Gracias Amazon!

Social media really has revamped how we shop on the Internet, because you don’t even have to leave a social media platform to do it thanks to brand profiles that have Shop Now buttons. I can be commenting on a new cologne for a friend before seeing ads for it and then buying it in just a handful of clicks. Did I really ever stand a chance?

Would You Ever Shop Online Before Checking Out Reviews?

While ordering things online is very convenient, it’s actually quite horrific when we order something and what we get isn’t quite what we were expecting. We’ve all heard the horror stories of someone ordering what they thought was a dog bed only to find out was barely bigger than a box of tissues. Oh no.

A lot of us like to use social media to share our thoughts about a business or just check out what others had to say about them or a product. Seeing the comments of real customers can be very reassuring.

Above all that, when users have positive experiences with brands through social media, more than two-thirds of them are likely to pass it on as recommendations to those that they now. The Internet didn’t kill word of mouth; it reinvented it and made it even more powerful, one tweet at a time.

Influencers And Promoters

You’ve likely seen or heard about the explosion of ‘social media influencers’ while spending time online. These folks tend to be the ones that have more than average numbers of followers and stick to one particular trend, be it travel, beauty, fitness, or the like. Research has shown that over half of consumers reportedly trust and even prefer the content of ‘real’ folks instead of brands or the celebrities that endorse them.

Whenever you see a fashion profile you love sharing a few thoughts on a new suit, commenting on how wonderful it is, you’re far more likely to trust that particular brand.

How You Can Make This Work For Your Business

There’s a lot of concern centering around freedom of speech regarding products, because as an entrepreneur, you know you might get some bad reviews. Don’t stress over this. You can totally turn this into just another brand awareness tool. If someone has comments about late delivery or anything else, you have the power, right then and there, to reply to them directly in the comments, where all the prospects out there can see for themselves how reliable and caring you are.

Also, this can even be a market research tool for companies using social media platforms! If you put in enough time to sift through your comments, you’re going to notice customers who suggest ways in which your services could be better. You might even get ideas for other products that they’d like to see. You can access the thoughts of the people most essential to your business, which is your customers. You can continuously meet their demands and them up your game!

Shopping Isn’t All There Is Anymore

Social media isn’t just something that impacts how we shop. It’s even altered the very ways we actually interact with businesses before and after a service.

You might notice a sudden influx of comments and tweets to train companies if there is a delay. Not only does this create a channel through which you can talk to a business, but it actually creates a community. There’s nothing quite similar to disgruntled commuters venting on Twitter when trains are late.

It’s time for you to harness the raw power that social media has to offer. Hopefully, this article will inspire you to get going with a successful social media campaign!

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