Industrial ComputerVia this web site you can configure and order complete industrial grade computers perfectly designed to deal with your own special industrial applications. Trenton Systems styles, manufactures and integrates rugged computer systems and extended-life elements such as single board computer systems and PCI Express backplanes to make application-prepared computing options that satisfy our customers’ one of a kind needs for functionality, performance and reliability. Now, it is virtually not possible to spot an exhibition stand that does not include separate lighting to accentuate or highlight goods. When you pick a TCS industrial computer you can rest assured that it will be readily available, and totally functional for numerous years.

As an Industrial Computer Systems Engineering graduate you will be in a exclusive position as industrial engineering is applied across practically every single business, streamlining processes like supply chain management and manufacturing production. The program presents the benefits of COM Express architecture and contains a wealth of typical I/ in a space-saving, 1U rackmount enclosure. The Relio R4 is a cable-no cost and fanless, solid-state computer system for industrial rackmount applications. Customizations at the chassis level or board level to match a wide range of industrial element racks and machine enclosures.

Medical certifications, IP and NEMA ratings, Windows, Linux, and ARM primarily based operating systems are some of the forms of alternatives paired with our industrial grade elements and enclosures. Operating from strong-state disk, the R2 is best for industrial and commercial embedded applications. SolutionsPT understand the design and ongoing assistance needs of industrial computer systems. Harsh environments and 24/7 operation are by no means problematic for your Amplicon industrial computer.

All our LCD/computers are equipped with an Industrial grade bright TFT displays (not a repackaged industrial variety LCD) and resistive analog industrial touch-screens. The Relio R3 is a solid-state, fanless 3U rackmount personal computer for applications requiring high reliability, maximum I/ expansion and wide operating temperature range. No matter if it really is on boats, in a healthcare facility, an explosion-prone zone, or in a meals processing plant any person in a difficult perform environment can have touch screen computers on location. Beckhoff is the developer and manufacturer of the motherboards in the Industrial PCs.

Our account managers will stroll you by means of your computer purchase from start out to finish, helping you select the suitable hardware solution for your project. For over 20 years, our authorities have worked with major providers in some of the most demanding of industries such as military, aerospace, heavy equipment, amusement parks and industrial automation. Industrial Pc is a leading provider of customizable, higher-overall performance embedded computer systems, industrial motherboards, rackmount computers, touchscreen displays, and panel PCs that are engineered for the most demanding environments. We’ve just added a new category of solution to our catalog – industrial Pc energy supplies.

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