Web Trends to Look Out for

Web Trends to Look Out for

Just like fashion, web design is subject to trends and as we begin a new year, it’s interesting to predict what will be the latest trends in website design. Last year was all about mobile optimisation, with mobile browsing overtaking desktop browsing for the first time. So, what will be this year’s big design story?

Bright and Beautiful

Simple is still where’s it at but this doesn’t have to mean boring. Big, bold colours are being seen more and more, with designers being courageous and leaving safe colours behind. It’s likely to be a year for big colour saturation, vibrant daring colours and non-traditional header design being introduced. As monitors and screens become more advanced in their ability to reproduce more vibrant colours, designers can use this to their advantage and create bold branded images. This is good news for new brands who want to make an impact and those who wish to set themselves apart from the norm.


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Now that mobile browsing has surpassed the desktop, any web design must think mobile first above all else. Mobile design used to be a tricky and somewhat clunky affair, but this technology has advanced quickly, with most mobile users now innately understanding icons and menu bars, to make browsing and shopping quick and easy.

Web Trends to Look Out for

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Just as with colour, typography is getting big and bold too this year. It’s always been a very important part of web design, able to evoke emotion, present brand personality and set the tone of a site. Now, as screen resolutions are getting better all the time, it’s easier than ever to use exciting custom fonts that are still clear to read. Many browsers can now support hand-made typefaces which is even more exciting for those wishing to create a completely unique to attract customers.

Broken Layout

We first saw this trend and it’s one that’s likely to continue. Asymmetrical and broken layouts give a surprisingly unconventional look to a site which has proven popular recently. It’s a unique design and somewhat experimental, one which might not suit large, traditional organisations but could be great for those seeking individuality.


With the advances in browser technology, designers can incorporate more moving images and animations to engage their audience. Such small-scale animations can be used to help engage the site user throughout their entire visit to the site. For example, they could be used to display while a page is loading. Animation is useful for storytelling, which is another popular theme of web design. Engaging with characters creates meaningful interaction between your potential customer and your site, which can only be a good thing.

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