Top Tips On How To Look After Your Skin During Winter

Top Tips On How To Look After Your Skin During Winter

Top Tips On How To Look After Your Skin During WinterIt is commonplace to take extra care of your skin during the summer; moisturising and buffing your skin to perfect is a must. However, as the hot days give way to chilly months, many people are tempted to hide their faces under layers of woolly layers and chunky scarfs and along with it, ignore their skin, which is not right.   Now the sun is coming back out and you need to get your skin ready for your beach dresses, we will delve into 8 expert tips to help you care for your skin.

#1. Make Use of Hydrating Cleansers

Believe it or not, cold weather can take away a lot of moisture from your skin. Add in the effect of central heating and your skin will suffer from bouts of dryness quite a lot. As such, it is important to add hydrating products into your skin care regime during winter. One way to go about it is to use a moisturising cleanser as it will help your skin work efficiently and infuse freshness and keep your skin looking fresh. Refrain from using “harsh” products such as face wipes as they play a role in depleting your natural oils. Beauty expert, Nathalie Eleni advises people to use micellar instead of water as they are more effective at hydrating your skin but just as easy to use.

#2. Rejuvenate Your Skin As You Sleep

Night time is when your skincare products work the best. It is during your night when skincare products have the most efficacy. You should take this opportunity to rejuvenate your skin. Ms. Eleni advises people to apply face oil night time. It helps to lock in moisture in your skin without leaving your skin with a greasy feeling.

Importantly, you do not have to spend a lot of money on your facial oil. You can simply use almond oil or coconut oil from your local chemist and it will suffice. Just apply the oil before heading to sleep to allow the oil to lock in the moisture and nourish your skin.

#3. Buy A Good Moisturiser

You need to use a good moisturiser as part of your winter skincare routine. A good moisturiser will replenish your skin by infusing valuable lipids, which is a critical part of healthy barrier function, and, therefore, restore your hydration. However, when choosing your moisturiser, consider the ingredient used. Opt for moisturisers with vitamin E. Vitamin E comes with a healthy supply of antioxidants which plays a crucial role in protecting your skin from pollution. Another ingredient to look for in your moisturiser is hyaluronic acid. This molecule can hold more about moisture 1,000 time its weight. As such, it is lightweight but extremely moisturizing.

#4. Regular Exfoliation Is Important

It is important to exfoliate on a weekly basis. It gets rid of the flaking and dullness caused by the accumulation of dead skin cells. For the best results, opt for an in-shower tool that will yield deep pore exfoliation. This is 6 times more effective than a manual exfoliation scrub. You can use the in-shower exfoliation scrub on both wet and dry skin as it has 2 different and interchangeable brushes.

One of the brushes is designed whole body scrubbing while the other is optimized for more sensitive skin parts. Ideally, you should begin at your feet and work way up to your face. This will stimulate blood flow and will help deal with cellulite. In the end, you will be left with glowing skin that is soft and supple.

#5. Add Some Tan Glow

After exfoliating and hydrating your skin, you should consider adding a little tan. There are plenty of buildable tanning lotions for your body and face for a tan glow, even in the darkest of days. Apply the lotion in natural light with a glove for the most even and natural results.

#6. Stay Active

By spending more time outdoors engaging in physical activities, we end up feeling better and looking better as well. During the cold winter, you should try and stay active as well. Being active will increase blood circulation, get your heart rate up, and give you a natural glow. As such, commit to a 30-minute exercise session at least 3 times every week.

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