Three Digital Marketing Hacks that Can Boost Growth for Startups

Three Digital Marketing Hacks that Can Boost Growth for Startups

Technology has allowed and empowered enterprising individuals to try their knack into developing start-ups that are aimed at leveraging on the opportunities provided by emerging markets.

Any Sydney SEO company have been keeping up to standards of new search engine protocol updates, that they are using effectively and efficiently for digital marketing strategies.

But this continues to be a challenge considering that there numerous algorithm updates that take place in Google that affect their search engine processes, which are initially geared towards improving and enhancing user experience.

Regardless of these challenges, SEO services Sydney continue to live up to the demands of the evolving market and the appropriate digital marketing strategies that can be used for startups and ensure their place in the market.

Developing content around long tail

Content marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) are highly effective ways of generating more traffic to websites and converting leads to customers.

One challenge though is that start-ups have the notion that they are treading into a very competitive market and have fewer chances of making it and not be able to match the competition that pays big bucks for their digital marketing campaigns.

However, taking advantage of long-tail keywords where your content could work on can give marketing campaigns the boost it needs.

For instance, while long-tail keywords provide fewer results than short keywords, you have the opportunity to take advantage of it and add more results. You can develop around 10 or more articles with each one targeting each keyword.

Thus, the cumulative traffic you get from the keywords in your content will exceed those of the short tail keyword, which means your targeted keywords will result in faster ROI and can give you long-term results.

Devise multi-channel funnels for follow-up

Lead generation is an important goal in SEO and every Sydney SEO company would agree that it is vital to any optimization effort.

Following up on leads can be a daunting task and most of the time it is difficult to follow-up on each and every one of your leads. Many focus their attention on the hottest leads in their network and often find the remaining leads in need of engagement which are usually left to automated marketing tools and resources.

A good hack for this is to create an email sequence process when using automation, such as a drip marketing sequence with a series of emails that would engage those remaining leads. Ideally, the email content needs to provide information such as products, customer feedback or reviews, company profile, reputation, and a story that could captivate and appeal to the leads.

Take advantage of lead magnets

It is important to take advantage of lead magnets to help push leads to take action. A lead magnet is an item of value that is given in exchange for contact details of a prospect. 

Developing a follow-up sequence that could leverage this lead magnet is needed to ensure that content and value is delivered.

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