This is the Advantage of Multicloud Users in an Industry

This is the Advantage of Multicloud Users in an Industry

Multi-cloud is currently chosen by many large companies and industries when their digital system switches to the cloud-managed networks. This service has many advantages that can help the company and industry performance. Especially for industries that are engaged in digital and need a stable internet network and a good connection.

What are the advantages of multi-cloud for companies that are worthy of your choosing? Here are some of them that you can consider for your consideration.

Avoid DDoS Attacks

Attacks on computer network systems and the internet are inevitable. Of the many threats, one of the most concerned about digital business players is Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS). This DDoS attack can attack servers, websites, or networks. As a result, service to users was rejected because the server was hacked by hackers.

Another detrimental effect of a DDoS attack is that it can cause downtime. When the network experiences downtime, it is affected not only in terms of financial losses but also in employee productivity. The existence of a multi-cloud network can overcome this DDoS attack because if one cloud network management experiences a decline in capability, there are still other clouds that can handle the load until the service recovers.

More Flexible

Another advantage of multi-cloud is its ability to be more flexible. This is because multi-cloud can determine different cloud services or other features from different providers. You can combine the providers that you already use with other providers and combine them according to industry needs.

The existence of this flexibility can help companies and industries in maximizing uptime hours and minimizing downtime. Besides, automation in a multi-cloud environment can balance the needs of the company. That way companies and industries can work more easily by using a capable cloud network.

Has Better Reliability

The worst thing when you handle a website is the Single Point of Failure (SPOF). This SPOF could have occurred due to machine errors in the computer or from attacks by hackers. The way to avoid this is to use redundancy, but this requires a good hosting system.

However, if the hosting system is experiencing problems, the redundation may not run optimally. Overcoming this you can use several multi-cloud services and strategies to protect your website from the risk of SPOF. Especially for industrial networks and large companies.

Can Save Costs and Performance

Large companies and industrial fields have high mobility in terms of products. If previously you used the old method or the conventional method, it will cost a lot of money. Moving your data to a multi-cloud system can reduce costs and performance. You can imagine that if you don’t use the multi-cloud, your company’s internet network will be vulnerable to attacks and the risk of data loss. When this happens, you have to pay a lot of money to secure the data. It’s different when using multi-cloud, you can freely combine cloud services according to company needs.

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