The Importance of Network Management

The Importance of Network Management

Millions of computers rely on network automation; most people are unfamiliar with how important network management really is. Having the best network management is vital, it provides your computer not only security but also enhances its performance. I’m sure many of you out there, are asking yourselves “What is network management?”

Network management can be a pretty broad term; the simplest definition is an administrative service that manages all of your networks, monitors performance, and will periodically run diagnostic checks on your system, to ensure its running smoothly. Often times, you can download software that gives you an easy and convenient way to monitor your network and contact your network’s administrator if needed.

If you’re looking for a more technical answer, the full purpose of network management is to track and catalog every single network resource, monitor their transmission lines, routers, hubs, and servers. It’s also their job to monitor your system’s performance and to make sure the network software is up to date. There are many jobs within your network management, such as network operation, which monitors your system’s activities, and will quickly identify and solve any problems that may potentially occur. There is also network maintenance, their job is also to fix any issues you have, such as upgrading or replacing faulty network equipment, including, transmission lines and routers. Still, many people seem to not realize exactly how viral network management is, it monitors every aspect of your network, all of your documents, emails, applications, and pretty much you’re networks entire infrastructure relies on it.

Reasons Why Network Management is Important

Arguably, the biggest benefit of network management has to be security. Cyber-security is now more prevalent than ever; there is currently an estimated four thousand cyber-attacks that happen on a daily basis, it’s also believed to cost the United States more than six hundred billion dollars a year. One thing in the world every business and person fears is to have their information stolen, which is why your network management is important, your network is updated regularly to help protect you from viruses, malware, or potentially being hacked.


The reason it’s so convenient is that your network management intertwines all of the components associated with your network, which means, if your system crashes, it could be back up in less than thirty minutes. Your network administrator will be able to quickly identify any problem, and fix it, which will prevent your entire system from crashing. Years ago, if your system failed, you’d have to either take your computer in, or schedule an appointment with an IT specialist, which can probably be a bit inconvenient, but with the proper network management, your problem can be repaired remotely, without you even having to leave your desk.

Enhances Productivity

If you have a business to run, and your system crashes, the last thing you want to do is spend hours tinkering on it. Especially if you have no idea what you’re doing. Your network administrator will take care of the problem for you, which not only allow you to focus on work, but also won’t interfere with the productivity of your employees.

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