Computer Security Concepts

The following article discusses computer security concepts, from Network security to Secure coding. You’ll also learn about Backdoors and Secure coding. To understand why these concepts are important to computer security, you should be familiar with them. However, if you’re unsure about them, read on! This article covers some of the key concepts of computer security. So, what do you really need to know? Keep reading to learn more about the latest computer security techniques.

Network security

A fundamental level of computer security is protecting a network from malicious software and unauthorized access. Network security is often performed by securing the network from external peripherals such as routers and bio-metric systems. These security systems ensure that unauthorized people cannot access network resources. They also protect data within the network, which is an important element of overall computer security. Listed below are some of the most important concepts in network security.

Secure coding

Understanding secure coding is essential for software development teams. Without secure coding, unauthorized users can exploit security flaws in software to gain control of the system. Understanding how to code securely will allow development teams to establish the right standards and make the appropriate security choices. Here are some tips to ensure the security of your software development projects:


Encryption is a key component of any computer security system. Data shared over the internet travels across various network devices around the world, including the public internet. Because this information can be accessed by hackers, encryption is an important security feature to have in place. In addition to encryption, a user can also install software and hardware to protect data on a network. Here, we will discuss how encryption works. Once your data is encrypted, it is almost impossible for hackers to access it.


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