Computer Forensics Jobs

A bachelor’s degree is typically required for an entry-level position in computer forensics. It may be part of a broader field like criminal justice or computer science. Associate degrees are also required for some positions. If you already have some experience in computer forensics, you may qualify for an investigator role by having an associate’s degree combined with the necessary certifications. If you have the required education and certifications, you may be able to get a job with a higher salary and better working conditions.

Job description

The computer forensics job description for a digital forensics expert must cover the legal aspects of digital criminology and current laws surrounding computer crimes. Generally, a digital forensics investigator will work in a computer lab environment, where they will apply forensic software to affected hardware and collect sensitive data and evidence for court-related proceedings. In some cases, they may also investigate the location of data on a computer to link the activity to a specific person or organization. After recovering data, forensics investigators then compile reports that include the findings. As their job description suggests, computer forensics investigators are typically very technologically skilled and legal as well.

Among the duties of a computer forensics analyst are reviewing, testing, and analyzing an organization’s virtual infrastructure for vulnerabilities and inefficiencies. They work to prevent cyber attacks by developing and implementing systems security protocols to combat malware. During investigations, computer forensics analysts document the characteristics of malware attacks and prepare protocols for organizations to combat malicious software. They also investigate crime scenes to gather critical information. Ultimately, these professionals play an essential role in determining whether a crime is committed on a computer and if criminals are responsible.


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