Home Area NetworksInside quite a few smart” meters is the capacity to connect wirelessly with household appliances that include RF antennas on the same frequency (typically two.four-two.5 GHz). This section presents a attainable implementation of a property location network for wise power management, discusses security troubles, and analyzes some commercial hardware/software solutions for its implementation. A personal area network, or PAN, is a pc network organized about an individual person within a single developing. Each solutions can be used to upgrade the existing device’s design and style enabling them to join home area networks. A wide region network, or WAN, occupies a extremely huge region, such as an entire nation or the complete planet.

In the case of California’s significant three utilities, even so, the CPUC has created it pretty clear that they are going to have to push” a lot of customer data through their AMI networks to their millions of residential shoppers. A single of the added benefits of networks like PAN and LAN is that they can be kept entirely private by restricting some communications to the connections within the network. Pay a visit to your utility company’s web-site (see hyperlinks beneath) before you acquire to make sure you are eligible to use a Han device and that the device you obtain is compatible with your wise meter.

Laptop or computer networks can be characterized in the term of the geographic location they occupy and the objective of the network within this geographic location. If many folks use the very same network within a residence, the network is in some cases referred to as a residence area network, or HAN. All three utilities have a limited list of companion devices that they’ve certified to connect to their networks.

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