Computer HistoryIn the 1950s, a lot of artists and designers were functioning with mechanical devices and analogue computers in a way that can be observed as a precursor to the perform of the early digital pioneers who followed. And I mean it. I like all kinds of museums – even ones most other individuals locate weird or boring – but this museum just wasn’t for me. It’s all about computers – the actual physical machines. We produced it just in time to hear the 30 minute talk about the history of the IBM 1401. He explained the entire museum layout to us and went over the exhibits they have and what time they have been happening. Starting with calculation strategies, to punch cards, early computers, programming, personal computer gaming, and the net.

However, if you are not into computers or history, I am certain this spot will not impress you at all, but if you are a computer system nerd – this location is Nirvana. A glossary of terms applied in the MIT Multics literature , usually valuable for old computer system stuff (1965-1975). I like technologies and finding out about history, but for a museum about computer history it was sort of boring! Computing in The Netherlands is shown in a military museum and at the Computer system Museum at the Vrije Universiteit which shows, among other, paper tape and analog computers. If you use a particular curriculm, check to see if that business offers a timeline package.

Mainly because the many events of the New Testament spanned such a quick time period, putting timeline figures on a wall chart or notebook timeline may be unrealistic. My boyfriend wanted to see the IBM 1401 demonstration, so we motorcycled down from San Francisco and located lots of parking in the massive … Continue reading >>>