Global Area NetworksLAN: Regional Region Networks cover a tiny physical region, like a residence, office, or a compact group of buildings, such as a school or airport. Additional lately, interconnected IP networks (principally the Web , with estimated 2.5 billion customers worldwide in 2014 1 ), and the GSM mobile communication network (with more than six billion worldwide customers in 2014) type the biggest international networks of all. The Topology chapter presents data about the many configurations of cables.

In order to reach this, these networks have to be interconnected by way of peering arrangements, and therefore the GSM network is a genuinely international one. WAN is produced up of two or a lot more Local Location Networks (LANs) or Metropolitan Area Networks (MANs) that are interconnected with each and every other, as a result customers and computers in a single place can communicate with users and computer systems in other areas. On a ‘Local Location Network’ information transfer speeds are greater than WAN and MAN that can extend to a 10. Mbps (Ethernet network) and 1. Gbps (Gigabit Ethernet).

Modern networks virtually always have one or much more servers which makes it possible for centralized management for users and for network resources to which they have access. WLAN: Wireless Regional Area Networks allow customers to move about inside a bigger coverage area, but nevertheless be wirelessly connected to the network. Any interconnection amongst or amongst public, private, commercial, industrial, or governmental networks may also be defined as an internetwork. The computer systems on a network may be linked by means of cables, phone lines, radio waves, satellites, or infrared light beams.

The Internet consists of a worldwide interconnection of governmental, academic, public, and private networks primarily based upon the networking technologies of the World-wide-web Protocol Suite. A network card, network adapter, or NIC (network interface card) is a piece of computer system hardware created to allow computers to communicate more than a laptop network. A CAN, may perhaps be regarded as a sort of MAN (metropolitan location network), but is usually limited to an region that is smaller sized than a typical MAN.

A metropolitan location network (MAN) is a network that connects two or much more nearby area networks or campus location networks with each other but does not extend beyond the boundaries of the immediate town/city. A Metropolitan Area Networks bridges a quantity of ‘Local Location Networks’ with a fiber-optical links which act as a backbone, and delivers services similar to what World-wide-web Service Provider (ISP) give to Wide Area Networks and the Net. The most important aim of a campus region network is to facilitate students accessing world-wide-web and university resources.

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