An Overview of the Most Important Construction Machinery You will Need

When you have a construction project to accomplish, it’s all about productivity. This may seem like a straightforward statement – to the amateur, it seems like a statement made only by the ignorant. However, the experienced construction manager understands that it involves a lot of details and understands that some very important decisions can make a big difference.

When it comes to construction, three things are ultimately important: the safety of the construction crew, efficiency regarding time, and efficiency when it comes to money. Choosing the right equipment for the job goes a long way in securing all three. Here’s an overview of the most important construction machinery you will need.

The crane-shovel

The crane-shovel is a term used broadly to classify a type of machinery that can serve several needs. There are several kinds, but they all have three main components:

  • A carrier or mounting which ensures stability as well as mobility
  • A turn-table (or revolving deck) where the controls are located
  • A crane-like front which can do multiple functions, depending on how it’s equipped.

The crane could be equipped with a hook, a shovel, a dragline, a pile driver, a claim shell – there are many options and this is a very versatile tool to have.

Compacting and grading

The purpose of compacting is to make sure the density of the soil beneath is as high as possible; the purpose of the grading is to make sure the surface has the right shape and elevation. There are several machines that help to accomplish this – some of them are the towed sheep-foot roller, the grid roller, the self-propelled tamping foot roller…The list goes on.

Drilling and blasting

The major types of drilling equipment are percussion drills, rotary drills, and percussion-rotary drills. Most any kind of drill will be classified within these categories. Blasting equipment requires pyrotechnical expertise and licensing, so beware of those.

Mixing and paving

The most common one for big projects is the truck mixer – for larger projects a bituminous distributor is often used.

Of course, if you’re thinking about constructing a building that requires lifting payloads to a certain height, you’ll also need a machine that can lift and erect; derricks are most often used for this, and they come in various varieties. When you look for the right equipment for your job, check and see if you can find some automated equipment – this type of new machinery has the wonderful ability to keep costs down and efficiency to its optimum; it employs technology equipped with the latest microprocessors to adjust issues like torque, pressure, laser precision, and other tools in order to maximise the results. Choose the right tools; take your time and select them carefully – and once you have done so, speak to the best plant hire company you can find – such as plant hire Preston experts like Ruttle.

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