All You Need To Know About Petroleum Jelly

All You Need To Know About Petroleum Jelly

What is it made of?

Petroleum jelly is a mixture of waxes and mineral oils that are passed through barrel pumps to form a semisolid jelly-like substance. It has not undergone many changes since it was discovered back in 1859 by Robert Augustus Chesebrough. Chesebrough noted that oil workers used a gooey jelly for healing their burns and wounds. Eventually, he packaged the jelly as Vaseline.

All You Need To Know About Petroleum Jelly

The benefits of petroleum jelly come from petroleum, which is its key ingredient that helps seal skin with a water-protective barrier. This helps the skin retain moisture and heal. Read on to learn more about the other uses of petroleum jelly

Uses and Benefits of Petroleum Jelly

1. Healing minor skin burns and scrapes

A study has shown that petroleum jelly is effective when it comes to keeping the skin moist when healing after surgery. This can be particularly good for less dramatic, regular injuries. It is important to ensure that the surface on which you apply petroleum jelly is properly cleaned and disinfected. If it is not, bacteria along with other pathogens may be trapped inside thus delaying the process of healing.

2. Moisturising the Hands, Face, and More

Face and body lotion: Petroleum jelly should be applied after you take a shower. It is an occlusive moisturiser, which means that it ensures that your skin never dries out. It can also be used for dry noses during the allergy or cold season.

Cracked Heels: Soak feet in warm water with some salt added to it. Dry it thoroughly using a towel and apply petroleum jelly as well as clean cotton socks.

Improving Your Hands After Gardening: Once you wash and dry your hands, apply petroleum jelly and wear clean gloves to lock in moisture as well as speeding up healing.

Chapped Lips: Apply some petroleum jelly to your chapped lips as you would any Chapstick.

3. Help for Pet Paws

The skin on your pet’s pad can crack thus producing a lot of discomfort. Clean your pet’s paws using cotton gauze, dry it, and apply some petroleum jelly. You should ideally do this when your pet is resting or after a walk.

4. Preventing Diaper Rash

Petroleum jelly has been proven to help reduce the incidence of baby diaper rash. Clean and dry your baby’s skin properly using a towel before you apply some jelly. It forms a protective barrier that helps protect skin from constant exposure to moisture. If the rash persists, make an appointment with the doctor.

5. Removal of Eye Makeup

Oil is one of the best makeup removal products, and petroleum jelly is safe to use around the eyes, according to a study on eye ultrasounds. Apply the jelly using a Q-tip or cotton pad and press gently without tugging to hard on the skin. Close your eyes when wiping. Others even swear by using petroleum jelly on crow’s feet lines.

6. Saving Split Ends

Exposure to sun and wind, as well as pool water, may dry up your hair. Petroleum jelly helps reduce the look of split ends thus adding shine to hair. Rub a small amount of the product between your palms and then apply it to hair ends.

7. Preventing Skim Stains from Nail Polish or Hair Dye

You can prevent hair dye from staining your skin by applying some petroleum jelly along the hairline. It also works when looking to paint your nails at home. The petroleum jelly barrier is easy to wipe away after you are done.

8. Preserving Perfume Scents

You can use petroleum jelly as a base for the perfume you wear to make it last longer.

9. Using it as Lube for Stuck Objects

If you have a ring that’s stuck on your finger, apply some jelly on the finger, ensuring that you get some under and around the ring. This helps the ring easily slip off your finger.

For your door hinges, apply some jelly on the hinge, and swing the door severally to evenly spread it. Wipe of the excess when you are done.

Petroleum jelly has been widely used in the beauty and medical industry for a long time because of its emollient properties, its safe record, and ability to help with skin healing. Ensure that you choose a product that’s triple-distilled and purified to avoid putting any toxic contaminants on the skin, some of which may be carcinogenic.

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