About HP Protective Accessories, The Case

About HP Protective Accessories, The Case

Silicon Case

The first sequence is the type of cell phone casing called silicon case. Physically, it looks very slim, with a soft and thin texture. This object is also quite flexible and fuses right when used on a smartphone. This is one sample image on coque unique, hundreds model on this site, you can browse later.

About HP Protective Accessories, The Case

Regarding material, silicon cases are made of chemical elements bearing the “Si” which has the atomic code “14”. The use of silicon is also quite common in the community considering that the material is easily applied to various fields ranging from beauty to electronics, which one of them is handphone accessories.

Unfortunately, regarding protection or protection, the silicon case is relatively bad. Because the object is easily loosened in long time usage, can not deliver the heat of the HP, the color fades quickly, and most importantly easy to tear considering how thin they are.


Next is another cellphone accessory called Soft Case. Armed with the word “Soft” which means soft, this case is also somewhat on the rise because of the flexibility of the shape and softness and unique strength in protecting your smartphone.

About HP Protective Accessories, The Case

You could say, even though it’s thin (but thicker than the silicon case), this Soft Case is far better at protecting your cellphone than the previous silicon case.

What’s more because …

Concerning product material, this nice Softcase is made from a material called TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) which is a derivative of plastic. It’s just that TPU is stronger, more flexible and durable. The thickness of Softcase TPU also varies, some are 0.2 to 0.3 mm thick.

For protection, through the uniqueness of TPU, Softcase is considered better than Silicon Case. Moreover, today’s Softcase designs are mostly thickly coated at each end, to be able to protect every gadget from sudden cracks or collisions. So it can be said to be safer.

Also, the current soft case can be made with pictures as you like or other buyers. Try checking the service provider’s site Soft Case Custom.

The shape of the case is more durable from time to time so that it won’t loose easily with color.

Through these advantages, it is not surprising that in 2018 Softcase is usually a custom Soft case or even more interested.

Hard Case

Okay, the next cellphone accessory is Hardcase. From that term, you can already guess that this object has a physical form that is hard, rigid, and strong and good at protecting smartphones.

About HP Protective Accessories, The Case

This is only sample from coque unique, you can browse more later on this site to get more information about softcase.

Well, a good guess for you. Bravo!

It is true that the Hardcase has a rigid and robust shape. The primary material supports this in making it, namely the abbreviated Polycarbonate (PC).

What is that bro?

Relax. PC material is a plastic equivalent material, but it is stronger and more compact and solid regarding shape. Also, the PC has a lightweight and is reliable in delivering heat.

Through this uniqueness, it is not surprising that Hardcase became another prima donna regarding accessories that can protect smartphone users. Yes, so it must be safe with all its resilience and toughness.

PC material is also perfect for absorbing ink, so don’t be surprised if many Hardcase Custom service providers like this site.

While it’s more secure, can you add style too with custom images on the hard drive?

Fuze Case

The fourth place is called Fuze Case. This one thing can be said to be unique because it is a combination of Silicon case, Hard Case, and Soft Case.

The point is combined here is interpreted as a hard look in the middle of the case, while bending the edges, and silicon material also complements by protecting the bezel section.

Therefore, regarding the material from Fuze Case, you can read about the Silicon, Soft case and Hard case.

The issue of protecting, Fuze Case is reasonably skilled because of the combination of strong, flexible, but also thin material.

Flip Case

Finally, there is an accessory called Flip Case. Concerning appearance, it resembles previous cases except that there is an enhancer in the form of a case cover on the front resembling a book cover/cover that can be opened and closed.

For material, this Flip case is very varied; some are from a kind of TPU, some are from Leather or genuine premium leather.

If it’s a matter of protection, Flip Case is better than the previous 4 because it can cover the entire surface of your cellphone or smartphone well.

However,… the display is comparable to the complexity of having to open it frequently every time you use a cellphone.

So, after you know the definition of them, then you now know how to distinguish smartphone accessories; Softcase, Hardcase, Silicon Case, Fuze Case, and Flip Case.

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