I Just Got a Second Hand MacBook

I was not really in the position where I could argue. My Dad has had this old Apple laptop for as long as I can remember and he never let me use it since it was important for his work. Of course he has a lot of sensitive information on there, so he removed the hard drive at the insistence of his boss. They are really uptight about people spying on them, because it has actually happened in the past. I did not even know how to take screenshot on Mac computers when I started out with it, but I am slowly figuring it all out. Of course my dad uses it for a lot of creative stuff. He works in advertising as a commercial artist and in the selling of all sorts of stuff. He set down and tried to show me how to make stuff on it, but the thing is really quite old and it is about four years past being a state of the art machine.

At any rate it is better than what I have now, which is a really old computer called an eMachine. It was designed to be really cheap and obviously the parents got it because it was cheap and they expected that I was going to be careless with it. Obviously I was only nine years old when I started to use it and the truth is that a nine year old is going to be less carefully than a grown up is. Obviously I did not pay for it and I probably did not appreciate that it takes a lot of work to pay for all of the stuff that I have. They thought they could keep me from getting to a lot of places on the web with it too.