The Gorgeous Scarlett Johansson

The Gorgeous Scarlett Johansson

Make way for one of the world’s highest-paid actress, the one and only Scarlett Ingrid Johansson! Aged 34, she has been making movies for over twenty years now. Let me guess! It made you think about your age, right? Well, she was pushed out of the nest by a greedy momager at a very young age! It is said that she was born into a “money-challenged” in New York City in 1984. So, by the time she was 8, little Scarlett was dragged into endless auditions for TV shows, commercials and movies.

The Gorgeous Scarlett Johansson

Actions set things into motion, isn’t it? That’s why she grew up showing her high confidence level and knew that she wields a potent weapon! As she puts it, “Exploring things, you’ve never explored before” ….and then she had her first “real” boyfriend at the age of 14! We all know what she meant there. Let’s just skip the teenage part and move on to what made the public’s jaws drop! Publicity angst, that’s what it’s called! It seems like ScarJo’s cell was hacked in 2011 and…you know how it goes.

As much as her life was full of ups and downs, Scarlett did not leave any stones unturned when it came to her acting on the silver screen! Or even better… her skin-tight leather jumpsuit gig! Indeed, she has set pulses racing with her skin-tight leather suit while playing the part of Natasha Ramanoff/ Black Widow in the Avengers Assemble film. Just like Gal Gaddot made a huge splash in Hollywood after starring in the 2017 movie Wonder Woman.

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Ladies and gents let’s have a glance at some of the best movie roles of ScarJo! Her career backlog a mix of cool-girl indie movies and million-dollar franchises. Snake, superhero, serial killer… she clearly refuses to be a typecast! Here is a listing:

• Vicky Cristina Barcelona– in and as Cristina. Her character is spontaneous and abroad in Spain with her best friend. She falls for a charismatic artist who loves to philosophise just as much as her. One small detail though, the beau has an unstable ex-wife!

• The Jungle Book – Time to revisit a childhood fave in the live-action form! Among the many, many brilliant voices in the Disney adaptation, ScarJo portrayed the sinister and seductive python Kaa. It’s all in the voice!

• Captain America – When it comes to Marvel superheros we wish we could be; the badass Black Widow is up there with the greats! She is as strong as her male teammates Thor and co. Hopefully, the Black Widow movie should hit the theaters in 2020!

• Under the Skin – A world away from the previous characters, she played the role of an alien serial killer in this sci-fi movie.

During her career, ScarJo has worked with talented filmmakers like Sofia Coppola, Spike Jonze, Woody Allen, Jonathan Glazer, Joel and Ethan Coen. She likely has many years in the spotlight ahead of her. But for now, that’s everything you need to know about her.

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