How To Avoid Burnout As A Caregiver

While it may seem like a simple job for some, caregiving is one of the toughest and demanding jobs today. It becomes even harder if you are the only caregiver for your grandchild, parent, spouse, or any other loved one. There is an increased risk of contracting a health condition from simply undertaking the stressful caregiving duties alone. Although the responsibilities might be stressful, caregiving can be extremely rewarding especially if you have the right knowledge, support, and self-care tactics. Outlined below are a few things you need to know about caregiving.

How To Avoid Burnout As A Caregiver

1. It’s an Overwhelming Job with No Pay

Among other tasks, it is a caregiver’s responsibility to prepare meals, bath the person he/she is caring for, escort them to a doctor’s clinic, as well as ensure they take the medicines on time. It is considered one of the fastest growing profession where the caregiver doesn’t get any form … Continue reading >>>

Period Properties – How To Update Them

An older home is filled with character and charm; however, if you live in a period property there will be things in your home that you want to update. In order to ensure that your home keeps its character, you must find the perfect balance of modern amenities with the character and charm that made you fall in love with your home in the beginning.

Period Properties - How To Update Them

1. Insulation

Most period homes were not properly insulated, which can impact the amount of money it costs to properly heat and cool your home. Additionally, improperly insulated homes negatively impact the environment and increase your home’s carbon footprint. Heat loss in your home occurs in five areas, including:

  • Draughts – 30 per cent heat loss
  • Walls – 25 per cent heat loss
  • Glass (windows) – 20 per cent heat loss
  • Floors – 15 per cent heat loss
  • Loft – 10 per cent heat loss
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How To Update A Period Property

Old houses typically exude a certain charm and character that is hard to replicate with new buildings. However, if you live in a period house, you will appreciate the need to update a few things. To this end, the aim should be to strike the perfect balance between installing modern comfort features and retaining the charm and character that attracted you to the period house in the first place.

How To Update A Period Property

1. Poor Quality Insulation

The vast majority of old houses have poor insulation that leads to a huge carbon footprint and expensive bills. CosyHome Company reckons that a period home loses in 5 major ways:

  • Loft 10%
  • Floors 15%
  • Glass 20%
  • Walls 25%
  • Draughts 30%

You should consider updating the insulation to your home. Preferably, you should have the insulation professionally installed to ensure quality workmanship – they can use floor plan software to ensure they carry out the job correctly. … Continue reading >>>