Home Area NetworksWHITE PAPER: Creating a compact office network indicates starting with a foundation of switches and routers. There are so lots of different forms of pc networks in existence, it can be challenging to understand the variations amongst them, particularly the ones with really equivalent-sounding names. This paper discusses aims, network architecture, and safety/privacy complications of a Clever Grid in Section two Additionally some solutions are proposed in order to define a high-level architecture implementing privacy and safety tactics in the grid. Her present study interest involves ultra wideband communications, electromagnetic compatibility, spectrum management and Intelligent Grid.

From an ICT point of view a Smart Grid is a network of networks” which includes wide region network (WAN), neighborhood location network (LAN), and property location network (HAN), going from the energy generation side to the customer’s premises side. A way to carry out this evolution is the introduction of microgrids 11 which … Continue reading >>>