I Am Trying to Figure This out

It is not so difficult a concept, but I have been thinking about the things that I read in this page called a 7 figure cycle review. The guy makes a lot of good points and he is trying to sell you something, but I do not think that you really need to know what he knows. The difficult part in my opinion is going to be figuring out how to get hold of the right product at a price which is going to allow you to turn a profit. The idea is like this. First you get some stuff, then you send it to Amazon, who is going to be critical to the rest of the plan. Your part of the process is all but finished at this point, because the products are going to be sold through Amazon at something called the Amazon market place. A lot of stuff is sold this way and the trick is figure out what you sell and how to price the stuff.

It is not so hard for you to find all sorts of things that you can sell. It is easy to find things that people will sell you by the boatload, although most people would never be able to afford that much of anything. The trick is that you need to get a good price on it and then you need to be able to make it move off of the shelves at the fulfillment center ( that is what they call the place where they store the products, then pack them up and ship them out once they get a buyer). It is not that easy because all of the really easy things are going to be taken up by a 400 pound gorilla like Amazon itself for example.