If you’re a sports coach, a band member, a teacher, the organizer of an event, or just someone who loves to create art and would like to share that art with the world, you should consider looking into screen printing.

Screen printed t-shirts are probably the most common item used for promotional or team purposes, but you can also get hoodies, warmup pants, long-sleeved Ts, tank tops, and more screen printed.

What are some of the advantages of screen printed apparel?


Some methods of printing on t-shirts and other apparel aren’t very long lasting. In fact, you’ve probably had a favorite old shirt, on which the printing started to peel, crack, or flake off over time.

Screen printing does not do this. It stands up to repeated wearings and repeated washings, so you can ensure that your favorite t-shirt will remain your favorite for years to come.


It’s inexpensive to have t-shirts or other items screen-printed. Naturally, the cost will go up if your design is more complicated or uses multiple colors. The cost will go down the more items you buy. Shop around and compare prices, and don’t forget to read reviews on line. That will help you determine which screen printing company will give you the best bang for your buck.

If you are working on a budget — and who isn’t, these days? — be prepared to be flexible when it comes to modifying your design. Do you really need six colors, or will four or two suffice? Depending on the purpose or event for which you’re ordering the shirts or hoodies, you might not need organic cotton or special effect inks.


When you create your own design and work with a screen printing company to bring that design to life on a t-shirt or tank top, you can really let your creativity shine. You can use multiple colors, or even go for special effect inks like foil inks, puffy inks, glow in the dark inks, metallic inks, rainbow inks, or shimmer inks.

And since screen printing is relatively inexpensive, you can order shirts for annual events and customize them each year!

What are some creative uses for screen printed shirts?

You’ve no doubt seen shirts printed for 5Ks and family fun run events, or for sports teams. But there are so many other reasons to design your own shirt and have screen printing done.

For example, you can make custom shirts for your bridal party, or use separate designs for the men and women to wear at their respective bachelor and bachelorette parties.

Show your school pride with a Class Of shirt. Or use shirts to distinguish your extracurricular club.

Family reunions are another great occasion to order custom t-shirts from a screen printing Spokane service.

Starting a rock band? Make sure all your members, and all your groupies, wear a shirt with your band’s logo, to help spread the word.

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